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Enjoy the magic of our  Moon Bars, carefully crafted to take you to new heights of happiness. Each bar is infused with an industry leading full-spectrum extract. Ensuring that all of the plant’s cannabinoids work together synergistically to enhance their effects. Get ready for a cosmic adventure as you explore the depths of relaxation, creativity, and euphoria.

Moon Chocolate Bar 250mg

Savor the charm of our  Moon Bars, which are painstakingly made to take you to new levels of happiness. Because eachChocolate Bar contains an industry leading full spectrum extract, all of the plant’s cannabinoids combine to maximize their effects. Get ready for a cosmic journey as you delve into the realms of pleasure, creativity, and so relaxation.




Moon Bar Chocolate, 250mg Moon THC Bar

Cannabis infused chocolate

With a potency of 250 mg per bar, each  Chocolate Bar packs a punch that will send you hurtling into space. Our bars are made to transport you to a place of inspiration, relaxation. As you go out on a journey that goes beyond the known, stop to enjoy the velvety richness and divine flavor.

Open up the world of flavor and exploration. Take a trip through the senses with our  Moon Chocolate Bars and experience their charm. Accept the unusual and set forth on a unique cosmic adventure.


However, our Moon Candy Bars are only the start of our space-themed sweets. Explore our heavenly assortment further to find a variety of flavored treats. From mints that leave a cool trail of stardust to chewy candies that defy gravity with their blast of flavor. Every Moon Bar Edible provides the perfect starting point for your expedition.

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250mg Moon THC Bar

The ultimate delicious treat from the Moon Chocolate brand. Our moon Chocolate Cherry Blasters, will take you on an exciting flavor fusion. These little treats have a rich cherry flavor that will take your taste buds on a celestial excursion. And so, they are expertly hand-coated in opulent milk chocolate.

With 10mg of precisely balanced sativa THC, each Moon Chocolate Cherry Blaster will have you reaching new heights in no time. Enjoy the lift-off as the delicious chocolate-cherry combo transports you to a world of flavor sensations.


Moon Chocolate Cherry Blasters, which are made with our industry-leading full-spectrum extract. Guarantee a harmonic symphony of cannabinoids that intensifies their effects and provides you with an unparalleled cannabis experience. Each packet contains 100 mg of total THC. And so, this provides a consistent dose of cosmic energy that may be enjoyed on its own or shared with other explorers.

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Moon Chocolate Cherry Blasters are a fantastic treat with a lot of flavor. They are not your typical edible. These moon bar blasters are expertly and passionately crafted to take you on a sensory journey of flavors and experiences. Therefore they leave you wanting more with every mouthful.


Moon Chocolate Bar Where To Buy

Our moon Chocolate Cherry Blasters can help you discover the universe’s mysteries. Take your palate into space and revel in the heavenly combination of smooth milk chocolate and enticing cherry flavor. These blasters are guaranteed to become your go to companion on your heavenly adventures. Regardless of your level of experience traveling through space. Buy Moon Chocolate Bar online.


Polkadot Chocolate Bar
Polkadot Mushroom Chocolate Bars Buy a Box collection. Get ready to experience a pleasant trip filled with whimsical flavors. Enthralled by this amazing variety of Polka dot chocolate for sale. This offers a captivating blend of rich cocoa and whimsical polkadot designs. It is a feast for the senses.

You may best please your palate by choosing between the two tastes that are offered for eating. For those who enjoy chocolate, this mushroom bar comes in milk chocolate. And so, chocolate enthusiasts can choose to get the mushroom bar in dark chocolate.

Polkadot chocolate mold

Furthermore you can get a lot of advantages from psilocybin, including effects that change your mood. Eating it can cause emporia, which is a heightened and distracted state of consciousness. And so, sensation eases your body and mind and relieves tension in your thinking. It can easily send you into a deep sleep. In a similar vein, this chocolate bar can assist alleviate mild discomfort.

Kiva High THC Chocolate Bars

kiva chocolate Since founding our strict guidelines have required us to utilize only pure, clean cold water hash for our cannabis chocolates. A broader, richer cannabis experience that respects the essence of the entire plant is offered by this artisanal method. Chocolate and cannabis lovers will both enjoy the enhanced flavor and so, experience what we  offer when combined with cocoa that is obtained responsibly.


The tastes of dark cherry and black coffee combine to create a very complex traditional dark chocolate bar. Our bars are guaranteed to please any real chocolate fan. Made with 57% dark chocolate that is sourced responsibly and infused with pure, clean cold water hash.


Our traditional milk chocolate bar is expertly made with just the purest ingredients. And so it has a smooth, creamy finish with subtle notes of brown butter. This bar, like all our chocolates, is produced with quality cacao that is sourced ethically and so, combined with handcrafted cold water hash. Perfect for chocolate lovers with sophisticated tastes.

Blasted Toffee Moon Chocolate

I’ve been getting boxes from you guys for over a year now, and I really adore it. I’m overjoyed to receive the chocolates and mushrooms. I really appreciate all that you do.


I am overjoyed with the exquisite gifts; it was such a delight to get your package at our door. For me and my partner, it is really important. I am so grateful for the delicious chocolate bar.


Moon Bar Chocolate

Note that Moon bars are only meant to be used by adults. Be mindful of your consumption and be ready for an extraordinary experience. With Moon Chocolate, the company that elevates your moments, you can taste the universe. Moon chocolate bar edible.


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